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Own a London black taxi as a family run-around or to promote your business!

Below Elite London Taxis top frequently asked questions about owning and running an ex London taxi.. if you don’t see your question answered, then please do go visit our contact us page and fire us off a question.

Most taxis begin their working life in London as an owner driven cab. As they get older and therefore cheaper to buy they go to work in the provinces for the last few years of their working lives. Whilst they are working in London it is generally accepted that the TFL testing regime in London is more thorough than most other tests around the UK. This has lead to better maintenance standards.
Unfortunately the days of the LTI Fairway and Fairway Driver taxi are past. They can still be sourced but are increasingly difficult to find. However instead we sell the newer shaped LTI TX1 taxis. These cabs still have the benefit of the ‘bullet proof’ 2.7 Nissan diesel engine and the same gearbox as the Fairway Driver taxis. We can also source LTI TX2 taxis with the Ford 2.4 Duratorq engine and the newest taxi the TX4 taxi. Latest ex-London black cabs for sale >>
We sell between 50 and 100 cabs a year. We know about cabs, it’s what we do. We are a VAT registered UK Limited company with a reputation to keep. The days of buying a taxi from the side of the road from a farm or from a field are long gone. Also, not many taxi garages will sell their old cabs, they normallt sell them for scrap after taking all of the useful bits off!
Not usually. There might be places on the underneath and boot of the cab that have been repaired in the past, but they will not be ‘full of holes.’ However there might be the odd rust spot on the body. Any really poor areas on the body of the cab will be usually be mentioned in the description and an allowance will usually be made in the sale price. Most often though the taxis will have been given a full respray before sale.
Before you buy an ex-London cab you should bear in mind one thing – the vehicle that you are buying has been driven for around 50 and 150 miles every day for the majority of it’s working life. It will also be between 10 and 15 years old so you can do the maths for yourself – it will have covered ‘starship’ mileage. However, on a positive note the owner driver who owned it will also have expected to get into the taxi every morning and go to work – so it will most likely have been very well maintained during it’s working life.
The newer TX2 taxi uses a Ford 2.4 Duratorq engine. The LTI TX1, LTI Fairway Driver and Carbodies Fairway models all use the very durable 2.7 Nissan diesel engine. The older ‘Carbodies FX4’ and ‘Carbodies FX4 Plus’ taxis had either a 2.2 or 2.4 Rover engine but we do not often come across these models.
Most of the taxis we sell will have an automatic gearbox. This is mainly because all of the taxis we sell are ex-London and London drivers prefer an auto gearbox.
In short the answer is no. The taxis that we source do not comply with the United States ‘Department of Transportation’ rules & regulations regarding frontal impact zones and emissions. There are of course exceptions. If the taxi is over 25 years old then it can be registered in the USA however in the 9 years I have been dealing in these vehicles I have only traded 2 such taxis!! You might come across taxis that appear to be older than 25 years old but beware because most are in fact a lot newer and have been dressed up to look older.
The LTI TX1 taxi is now the standard shape London taxi it took over from the LTI Fairway Driver which was discontinued in 1997. It still has the fantastic 2.7 Nissan diesel engine coupled with a 3 speed auto gearbox with overdrive. Drum brakes front and rear, power steering, electric mirrors and central locking. It has a better build quality than the Fairway and consequntly has less water leaks from the body and a better ride quality.We are increasingly selling Ex-London TX2 taxis. They have the same body shape and suspension as the TX1 but with a different engine. The new engine is a 2.4 Ford Duratorq engine as found in Ford Transit vans.
Yes, of course. Although this might add another £1,200 or more to the price. It may be cheaper for you to get this done yourself.
We have been getting a lot of phone calls lately from people that have bought vehicles from certain other internet taxi sales sites. These callers are generally unhappy with their purchase and wonder if we can offer them any advice. The best advice from us is to buy from a reputable source such as ourselves, only trust a company who advertises their full details, don’t trust anyone who only advertises with just a mobile contact number. Of course if your vehicle is broken down in the UK we can help, but if you have taken your cab back to Europe and it is broken down all we can offer is to sell you parts & offer our experience to solve your problem.
Taxis will be around Insurance Group 4. We have a separate page for information on insuring a taxi. Ex-London Taxi insurance companies >>
We are at:14 Valley Side Parade Chingford London E4 8AJ United KingdomWe are situated conveniently close to the M25, A406, A12 and the M11. We are in close proximity to most of the major airports serving London. We are 25 minutes from London City Airport, 30 minutes from London Stansted, 50 minutes from Luton and around 80 minutes from both Gatwick and Heathrow.
Around every 6000 miles. A basic service should cost around £55.00.
Both the TX1 and TX2 taxis will reach around 70-75 mph.
They should be very reliable if you are only using your taxi as a run around. Don’t forget these taxis are used to driving 100 plus miles a day around the streets of London.
This shouldn’t be a problem especially around London or any of the other major cities. Try Taxi Breakers.
Around town they will do about 25-30 mpg. On a run they will average about 30-35 mpg.
Five in the rear compartment and of course the driver.
Yes, the TX1 and TX2 taxis have 3 seat belts in the back. The TX1 and TX2 taxis have 3 seat belts in the back. For the forward facing seats there are 2 over the shoulder seat belts for the outside seats and a lap belt for the middle seat. There is a seatbelt for the near-side tip-up seat but this is for use only for a wheelchair. All drivers seats have seat belts.
This is a difficult one. Most odometers on these taxis stop on or around 100,000 miles some are replaced some are not. There is no legal requirement to keep a check on vehicle mileage in the UK.
No, unfortunately we only buy and sell taxis.
The oldest taxis that we sell are usually from 1997 or 1998. Most of the taxis we sell will be from 2001 to 2002.
Yes, the taxi will revert back to being a private car as soon as it is decommissioned as a taxi and you will not have any difficulties using the LEZ. Can we advertise our taxi on your site? No, we only list our own taxis for sale on Elite London Taxis but you can advertise on our advertising site at:
The sides will almost certainly need painting afterwards as the adverts are ripped off and changed every 4 months or so.
The dimensions of an FX4 or Fairway are: Height: 1.765m, Width: 1.750m, Length: 4.558m and Weight: 1.650kg.
Pretty small, just enough for a set of golf clubs!
Not generally although some of the newer ones do.