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Own a London black taxi as a family run-around or to promote your business!

Can you help me out with a vehicle I have bought from elsewhere on the internet?

We have been getting a lot of phone calls lately from people that have bought vehicles from certain other internet taxi sales sites. These callers are generally unhappy with their purchase and wonder if we can offer them any advice. The best advice from us is to buy from a reputable source such as ourselves, only trust a company who advertises their full details, don’t trust anyone who only advertises only a mobile contact number. Of course if your vehicle is broken down in the UK we can help but if you have taken your cab back to Europe and it is broken down all we can offer is to sell you parts & offer our experience to solve your problem.

Can Elite Taxis export Fairway and Fairway Driver taxis to the USA?

In short the answer is no. The taxis that we source do not comply with the United States ‘Department of Transportation’ rules & regulations regarding frontal impact zones and emissions. There are of course exceptions. If the taxi is over 25 years old then it can be registered in the USA however in the 9 years I have been dealing in these vehicles I have only traded 2 such taxis!! You might come across taxis that appear to be older than 25 years old but beware because most are in fact a lot newer and have been dressed up to look older.

Why should I buy an ex-London taxi as opposed to one that comes from anywhere else?

Most taxis begin their working life in London as an owner driven cab. As they get older and therefore cheaper to buy they go to work in the provinces for the last few years of their working lives. It is generally accepted that the Public Carriage Office testing regime in London is more thorough than around the UK leading to better maintenance standards.

Why shouldn’t I just buy one of the cheap cabs from EBay?

We sell between 50 and 100 cabs a year. We know about cabs, it’s what we do. We are a VAT registered UK Limited company with a reputation to keep. The days of buying a taxi from the side of the road from a farm or a field are long gone.

Whereabouts in the UK are Elite London Taxis?

We are based in Hainault Essex, conveniently close to the M25, A406, A12 and the M11. We are in close proximity to most of the major airports serving London. We are 25 minutes from London City Airport, 30 minutes from London Stansted, 50 minutes from Luton and around 80 minutes from both Gatwick and Heathrow.

What is the nearest station?

The nearest stations are either Fairlop or Hainault at the Eastern end of the Central Line. This is only 35 minutes from the City of London and 45 minutes from the West End. Call us from either station and we will pick you up in one of our London Cabs!!

What sort of condition are these vehicles in?

Before you buy an ex-London cab you should bear in mind one thing – the vehicle that you are buying has been driven for around 50 and 150 miles every day for the majority of it’s working life. It will also be between 10 and 15 years old so you can do the maths for yourself – it will have covered ‘starship’ mileage. However, on a positive note the owner driver who owned it will also have expected to get into the taxi every morning and go to work – so it will most likely have been very well maintained during it’s working life.