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Own a London black taxi as a family run-around or to promote your business!

Testimonials From Just Some Of Our Satisfied Customers

Carlos Bayon Garcia – Madrid, Spain

1992 LTI Fairway Driver Taxi

1996 LTI Fairway Driver Taxi

“The taxis have finally been certificated and they have been given the Spanish number plate and decorated with the clients advertising.
My customer wants to carry his clients from their hotel to his cocktail bar, in short time he expects to need more units, we are very happy with your service.”

Nicolas Rendu – Luxembourg

1995 Fairway Driver Taxi

“We bought the cab 2 years ago and she has been running perfectly ever since. She was first a UK resident, owned by French aficionados. She has been driven to Paris for Christmas twice and she has recently done a long journey to Luxembourg where she is a permanent resident now….

So thanks a million to Elite Taxis who provided us with plenty of good advice and a genuine taxi. Do not buy such a vehicle anywhere else on the web. Buy it from the specialists, buy it from Elite Taxis!”

Marc Arnall – Paris, France

1992 LTI Fairway Driver Taxi

“I would like to thank you for providing me with a wonderful vehicle and unsurpassed after-sales service.
In France, my taxi gets more attention than a Ferrari. I wish you the continued success that you so richly deserve..”

Teppei Segura, Italy

1995 Fairway Driver Taxi

“I am really happy that I can write you back this email because it means I am safe and alive you know! The weather before Christmas was unbelievable…. Snow everywhere from London to my village in Italy. The cab was amazing and never slipped, no problems at all.

It took a few days to get back to Italy in the end but now I am never afraid of any kind of weather ‘cos I drove back in the worst weather of the year and I can totally trust in my new London taxi!!”

David Ferrier – Belize, Central America

1992 Fairway Driver Taxi

“Here is the photo I promised of ‘Bertie’ as he is now called here in Belize.

This picture was taken in San Ignacio a town on the Belize/Guatemalan Border at a church called St. Ignatuis RC Church. It was a blast, loads of people before and after the wedding took their pictures by the car. You may use the photo for the website if you wish. The car is running great!”