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Own a London black taxi as a family run-around or to promote your business!







Buy A London Taxi From The London Taxi Specialists

Elite London Taxis specialise in the sale of well maintained ex-London taxis to buyers in the UK, Europe and USA. Elite London Taxis are conveniently based in North-East London and are close to London City Airport, Luton Airport and Stanstead Airport. So if you have plans to buy a London taxi you have found the right place!

Firstly Elite London Taxis is not a taxi auction site, and we will not sell you a cheap taxi. In dealing with Elite London Taxis you will be benefiting from our contacts in the London taxi trade and our extensive experience as taxi traders. Owner Dave Hurd currently has nearly 25 years experience of the London taxi trade, firstly as a Licensed London taxi driver and for the last 15 years as the owner of Elite London Taxis.

Genuine Authentic London Black Cabs

So you are interested in buying an ex-London taxi or ‘black cab’ as they are more commonly known and you wonder where we get our taxis from? We buy London taxis from taxi drivers when they retire or when they upgrade to a new or newer taxi. Sometimes we buy ex-fleet taxis but only from verified reputable sources. As we are constantly searching for top quality London taxis we always have top quality taxis for sale!

Pretty much all of the taxis we sell are ex-London taxis. We do not generally sell taxis that have been used privately or taxis from outside the London area. Obviously from time to time we break this rule and can offer a top qualiy vehicle from elswehere in the UK. One of the main reasons that we concentrate on ex-London taxis is that they have been maintained to the very high standards set by TFL (latterly the Public Carriage Office) whose yearly and 6 monthly tests are far more stringent than a normal MOT examination.

London Taxi Models We Can Supply

Most customers are hoping for a classic London taxi shaped vehicle unfortunately, the days of being able to buy one of the famous FX4, Fairway or Fairway Driver taxis are pretty much long gone. The taxis we are currently selling are LTI TX1 taxis but please don’t be too dissapointed, the LTI TX1 taxi is the successor to the Fairway Driver and it still has the same bulletproof Nissan Engine and automatic gearbox but has the newer body shape. In all honesty these vehicles drive much better than the Fairway Driver taxi and you will not get the rattles and shakes that Fairway Driver owners are familiar with!

Ex-London Black Taxi Cabs

As previously stated we only sell ex-London Taxis as they tend to be of better quality. However before you buy a London taxi it should be noted that these vehicles have averaged around 20,000 to 30,000 miles per year around the streets of London, and may have clocked up well over 300,000 or 450,000 miles in total. So what you are buying is a working vehicle that has potentially been driven for 5 days a week over it’s working life. However on the plus side these vehicles have generally been well maintained and expected by their owners to start on the button evey day, week in week out.

Original And Well Maintained

Before we sell our taxis they are serviced and checked thoroughly so that you can be sure that if you buy a London taxi from us it will not let you down. We are proud to say that in over 15 years of selling taxis all over Europe and many other destinations around the world we have only had two major breakdowns! As many of our buyers have travelled a long way having only seen their prospective purchase in photos we are careful to describe the vehicles that we sell as fully as we possibly can. We really do believe that honesty is the best policy. If the taxi has any major rust or any other defect this will be mentioned prior to sale and will be reflected in the purchase price. All of the London cabs that we sell are sold with one year’s MOT (the UK Ministry of Transport Test) certificate unless otherwise stated.