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1973 Austin FX4 London Taxi

This iconic London taxicab has just been brought back to life after a slumber of 20 or so years! This taxi was originally registered and worked in London. At some point it was bought by someone outside of London and subsequently worked by someone in Liverpool.

It is an FX4 Austin London taxi from 1973 with a 2.5 Austin diesel engine and automatic transmission.

This taxi is in good condition throughout and is complete and ready to drive away. It will be sold with a 12 month UK MOT test certificate. All brakes suspension and steering will have been checked prior to sale.

The paintwork is average to good with no rust or dents showing. The bodywork behind the paint is in very good condition with some panels looking like they were replaced, all be it some time ago. The inner and outer sills, rear wheel arches and boot area are solid.

The interior is in great condition, the seats and headlining are immaculate.

It has been fully valeted and will look great advertising your business or driving your clients around town!

It can be delivered to USA starting from around £1800.



What people are saying about Elite Taxis....

"Our taxi is going really well and proving to be a big hit in the area. Everyone comments on what good nick she is in and how clean we keep her! Aside from our everyday taxiing work, we have 4 prom bookings this week alone! Thanks Elite Taxis for your support and terrific customer service!"

Joe’s Black Cab Co. – Gillingham, Dorset

"The taxis have finally been certificated and they have been given the Spanish number plate and decorated with the clients advertising. My customer wants to carry his clients from their hotel to his cocktail bar, in short time he expects to need more units, we are very happy with your service."

Carlos Bayon Garcia – Madrid, Spain

"We still have the taxi, and it's still going strong.  It's a great family car for driving around London, and we've been up and down the UK on holiday in it too. I've got one small problem, but I'll send you a separate email about that."

Chris Richardson – London SE14

"The drive down to Asschaffenburg in Germany was without problems.. My client Jurgen was delighted. Thank you for supplying this ex London taxi. My client is very happy with it! It has now passed the German TUF/MOT and is now used as a wedding car." 

Peter Wiltshire – Berkhampstead, UK


In short the answer yes if the taxi is over 25 years old and no. Most of the taxis that we source do not comply with the United States ‘Department of Transportation’ rules & regulations regarding frontal impact zones and emissions. There are of course exceptions. If the taxi is over 25 years old then it can be registered in the USA however in the 9 years I have been dealing in these vehicles I have only traded 2 such taxis!! You might come across taxis that appear to be older than 25 years old but beware because most are in fact a lot newer and have been dressed up to look older.
Before you buy an ex-London cab you should bear in mind one thing – the vehicle that you are buying has been driven for around 50 and 150 miles every day for the majority of it’s working life. It will also be between 10 and 15 years old so you can do the maths for yourself – it will have covered ‘starship’ mileage. However, on a positive note the owner driver who owned it will also have expected to get into the taxi every morning and go to work – so it will most likely have been very well maintained during it’s working life.
The LTI TX1 taxi is now the standard shape London taxi it took over from the LTI Fairway Driver which was discontinued in 1997. It still has the fantastic 2.7 Nissan diesel engine coupled with a 3 speed auto gearbox with overdrive. Drum brakes front and rear, power steering, electric mirrors and central locking. It has a better build quality than the Fairway and consequntly has less water leaks from the body and a better ride quality. We are increasingly selling Ex-London TX2 taxis. They have the same body shape and suspension as the TX1 but with a different engine. The new engine is a 2.4 Ford Duratorq engine as found in Ford Transit vans.
Yes, of course. Although this might add another £1,200 or more to the price. It may be cheaper for you to get this done yourself.
Around every 6000 miles. A basic service should cost around £55.00.
They should be very reliable if you are only using your taxi as a run around. Don’t forget these taxis are used to driving 100 plus miles a day around the streets of London.

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