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Motor Insurance for ex London Private Taxi Cabs

One of the biggest problems facing prospective buyers of ex-London taxis is where to find insurance. Most ‘High Street’ insurance companies will not even have the various London taxi types on their database. This situation will most likely be enough to stop you in your tracks before you even start.

The reason ‘High Street’ insurance companies don’t have taxi vehicles such as Fairway Driver taxis and LTI TX1’s on their database is because insuring taxis as passenger carrying vehicles is a market generally serviced by speciallist insurance companies that only insure taxis and private hire vehicles.

The solution to this problem is to search out specialist vehicle insurers such as insurers of classic cars or by contacting the taxi speciallist taxi insurers some of whom will take on private owners. These insurers are more often than not willing to ‘think outside the box’ and will be happy to do the research on your vehicle and get you insured.

I have a small list of insurers that have insured taxis for people that have bought from me in the recent past.

Peter Best Insurance: 01376 574000

Adrian Flux Insurance: 0800 369 8590

Cabsurance (Ilford): 020 8597 2622

RH Specialist Insurance: 01277 206912

NFU Mutual Insurance: 0808 274 9566

Abbey Insurance Ltd: 08000 66 55 44

Tradex Insurance: 0333 313 1111